The Coleman Group of Companies was established in 1934 by Arthur James and Maggie Coleman in an old four room school house on Broadway in Corner Brook. The business thrived under the direction of Arthur James and Maggie and in 1945 the business moved to Caribou Road, where the first self-service grocery store in Newfoundland was established. Through the years the business continued to expand. In 1952 a second retail outlet was opened on Humber Road in Corner Brook. Later several other outlets were established predominantly on the West Coast of Newfoundland, including Deer Lake and Port aux Basques. As Maggie and Arthur James’s children began to become involved with the business Colemans began to make their first forays into the furniture and clothing businesses. Arthur James and Maggie eventually retired, handing over management to their children.

Colemans First Store On Broadway in 1934

Our Company has a skilled and motivated staff of over 850, who take great pride in being recognized by many as the leaders and innovators in customer service and responsiveness in our markets. We offer “down home”, Newfoundland courtesy and friendliness from the very moment you step into any of our grocery, furniture or clothing stores. Our Company was built on this tradition, and our team has always respected these traditions while embracing the challenges of changing and demanding times.

The Coleman Group of Companies has a dedicated commitment to excellence in all our operations. This is a commitment which will not be compromised. Our focal point remains an unyielding commitment to our staff and customers. This partnership, this shared vision is absolutely essential to our success. The ability to anticipate and respond to our customer and staff member needs continuously, day in and day out, is both a daunting and challenging responsibility, but one we are proud to continually strive towards.

Colemans has been named a Platinum member of the 50 Best companies in Canada for 15 consecutive years. Company President & CEO, Frank Coleman, has been named best CEO in Atlantic Canada.

And over the years, our grocery stores have consistently been recognized by the CFIG (Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers), as having some of the best run grocery stores in Canada.

In 2009 Colemans opened The Gardens Market in Corner Brook, which went on to win the 2010 CFIG award for best large surface grocery store in all of Canada!

2017 saw the opening of the Newfoundland Drive store in St. John’s. In 2018 Colemans purchased and expanded the iconic Belbin’s Grocery store in St. John’s. And most recently, a new store was opened in St. Anthony in late 2021.

Colemans is also a major wholesale supplier to many affiliate grocers across the island.